Full-scope performance marketing

We take a holistic approach to growing your business, by combining multiple channels and services under one, profit-driven strategy.

Our process



After working with dozens of partners, we know exactly what type of partner we crush it for. Our initial meetings and calls involve thorough vetting, allowing us to get a full understanding of your business and make sure that we can deliver the caliber of results that we boast for other clients.



As soon as we’ve onboarded a client, we begin a detailed research process, diving deeper into the target avatars, competitor positioning, and your companies current perception.



During our 3-4 days of initial research, we begin to build a bullet-proof strategy for your business. After the research is complete, we plan a strategy involving changes that need to be made to your online business, and ways that we plan on scaling you to hit targets we set with you.


Testing and Execution

We work with you to implement our recommendations and begin paid advertising campaigns across the most effective platforms for your business.



After every split test is run (and we run an average of 30-50 per week). We do analysis on the data gained from the test. Some split tests may run for 3 days, while others run for 3 weeks. At the end of every split test, your business improves slightly, and you gain more insight into the best ways for you to scale.



Steps 4-5 are never “complete”. We constantly rinse and repeat these steps, creating more hypotheses to test, and squeezing efficiency out of your business slowly and steadily. This is the only way to scale an online business without systems breaking at scale.

Our Amazing Clients

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Our mission in E-commerce


Test Assumptions

We’re tired of the back and forth bureaucracy when it comes to changes to an online business. Instead, we try to test every hypothesis our partners and team members create. Instead of letting assumptions determine marketing decisions, we base our decisions on the data in front of us.


Eliminate Misinformation

We started Flax University as a way to combat industry misinformation. The rise of online gurus in the marketing space birthed a lot of inexperienced, sloppy, and ineffective agencies into the industry. We are addressing lots of the most common topics online, and giving a real insight into what it takes to scale an online business.


Ultimate Transparency

Tying into the misinformation issue, comes a huge lack of transparency among companies in the online world. We’ve structured ourselves to be as transparent as possible with everybody in our community, allowing for a more honest, collaborative approach to digital commerce.


Set a new standard

We’re already role models to other agencies that hire us to train them on improving their service, but that’s not good enough for us. We are striving to set a new golden standard for all digital marketers, by continuing to pioneer digital marketing theory, strategy and service.


What our Partners our saying

Frequently Asked Questions.

Onboarding takes between 5-2o days (till advertising campaigns go live). Onboarding time depends on how quickly you are able to provide us with the necessary assets for us to begin work, and how much restructuring to your business we’d like to do before we get ads live.

We are a performance marketing agency. We believe in holding ourselves accountable for our work, so that we are constantly under pressure to deliver the best possible results for clients. If we couldn’t provide results for our clients, you wouldn’t be reading this FAQ.

We take a small upfront base fee (we don’t work for free) and then most of our revenue as an agency comes from a % of sales that we help generate. Book a chat with us to find out more.

There are 4 areas that we look for when vetting potential partners:

1) Revenue and profit. We typically won’t accept businesses doing less than $30k/month unless we are incredibly optimistic about the speed the business could grow. We also tend to avoid unprofitable businesses although this is less tangible and varies client to client.

2) Margins. If your product/service has low profit margins, then it makes it incredibly hard to advertise and scale profitably. Typically, businesses with products that have margins below 40-50% get rejected by us. There is 1 exception however, and that is based on lifetime value (LTV). If you have strong LTV data and you’re willing to lose money on the first touch point with the goal of profiting off of customers after 3, 6, 12 or even 24 months, then we will consider you as a partner.

3) Uniqueness. If you aren’t selling either a new product, angle, or service, then we won’t work with you. We are here to build what’s never been done before, not repeat history.

4) Execution. Your ability to execute is the most important factor for us. You need to demonstrate that you have the ability to implement our suggestions (with our help of course) and that you will act on the opportunities we present you with. At the end of the day, it is your business, and although we help partners as much as we can, we aren’t running your business for you.

Trust us. It’s not our first rodeo (or our 2nd, 5th or 25th for that matter), we have worked with dozens of online businesses and know what it takes to get you to 7, 8 or even 9 figures. Our suggestions are based off of the decades of knowledge we possess as a team and our performance fee structure means that we keep your best interests top of mind, as your best interests are also ours.

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