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We’ve begun sharing all of our E-commerce knowledge on the internet for free. In this hub, we’ll be sharing all of the concepts, tactics, and internal structure that we apply to online business.

We plan on developing this into an online business community that continuously provides inspiration, information, and support in a collaborative attempt to help adopt the digital world that we’ve slowly been integrating ourselves into.

Zach Oldham, Founder

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We’re working tirelessly to battle misinformation in the E-commerce industry. Flax University is our free collection of accurate knowledge from our experience in the industry.

Current Topics

Check out the wealth of knowledge that we have recently begun to share with the world.


Shopify Store Checklist

We’ve prepared this checklist to help you maximize the performance of both your paid traffic & your e-commerce presence as a whole.

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Offer Building 101

3 Keys to Build an Irresistible E-commerce Offer

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Facebook Ads

How to Write FB Ad Copy

Follow these key principles to set yourself up for success & systemize the entire copywriting process.

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Topics that we will be working on soon

Cash Accounting for E-commerce solopreneurs

Cashflow/accounting is crucial to your business, this video covers the basic accounting system that we used when we were first starting out.

Calculating your BEROI

You can’t run digital advertising campaigns without understanding your breakeven point. This video will help you understand exactly how to calculate this number and make sure that you aren’t scaling at a loss (easier said than done).


Time management

How do you prioritize tasks? How do you effectively stay on track and grow your business month over month? This module will break down the systems we use at Flax to stay ahead of our competitors and deliver the best service possible.

Influencer marketing

This brief module will outline how to do influencer marketing the right way. We see way too many brands spend ridiculous amounts of $$$ on influencers with fake engagement and bad content.

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We routinely create content on the most requested topics from our community online. Submit a request through our online form for a chance to have the Flax team make a video on your topic.

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Book a call for 30 minutes of free consulting from Zach and the Flax team. We’ll help you overcome your biggest challenge in E-commerce right now, and create an action plan for you during our meeting.