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E-commerce growth takes more than Facebook Ads, it requires a full-scope understanding of every function of your business. You need a partner that focuses on improving every function of your store.

Welcome to The Lab

A Full-Service Growth Incubator

We’ve created a “Laboratory,” a mechanism that optimizes and improves Ecom businesses by taking a scientific, hypothesis-testing approach to marketing, operating, and scaling a digital company.

We take a holistic approach to growing your business, by combining multiple channels and services under one, profit-driven strategy. Our goal is to optimize your entire business, then scale it to the moon through Paid Advertising campaigns across the largest platforms on the planet.

Visitors x Conversion Rate x Average Order Value = Revenue

A leak in any part of this equation will result in a reduction in revenue.

That’s why we created a 14-page guide on the biggest areas of opportunity for E-com stores. Guaranteed to boost your revenue. Enter your email and download a copy.

Our Work

Case Study

$450,000 revenue added in 5 months

A mask manufacturing giant collaborates with the Lab for Facebook advertising after organic stagnates – and realizes a 10x ROAS

Case Study

50% Growth in
3 Months

A traditional Italian coffee roaster team up with the Lab and grow their online store by 50% in 3 months

Shopify Store Checklist

Maximizing Online Productivity

5 Red flags to look for when hiring an agency

How to Craft Your Offer

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Enough with the misinformation from wifi ‘gurus’ & get rich quick advocates. Flax University is a FREE educational platform we’ve created filled with lessons & teachings learned through our research, testing, and experience in the world of e-commerce.”

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